Stromae - carmen

Okay, if this video does not deserve an odd news award, then I don't know what does.  I am not totally sure but I think at least one of possible messages of this music video is that our lives have sadly become ruled by social media.  If that is the message, I cannot totally agree but I respect the perspective.  We do need to get outside of the virtual world of social media and the other trappings of the internet to enjoy the weather, each other, and real life in general; but, the virtual world of the web and social media can and should serve to enhance our lives.  So modifying the message of this music video, a bit, the message is:  enjoy the technology enhanced world we live in but, don't forget to live more fully than what is offered in the virtual world. Stromae's "Carmen" music video is well done and really, really odd.  

Landfill Harmonic

It is truly amazing how music can be made from instruments made from trash!

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